“You don't have to go to Europe to try high quality European desserts and baked goods. We have all that right here. Just come and enjoy. You "dessert" this ;)”

Iryna Kremenchugskiy

Iryna Kremenchugskiy came to the USA from Ukraine in 2013 on a J1 work and travel visa to better learn the language and see the country. She worked at the oceanfront where she met her now husband Max. She returned to Ukraine to complete her bachelor's degree in Economics. With a degree in hand she came back to the US, this time with a fiance visa.  Iryna and Max have been married for 8 years and have 2 boys, Luca and Lev. While raising her two boys Iryna searched for her passion by exploring the world of sales, esthetics, photography, and even the circus. She discovered that baking was her calling. Innovations in technology and distance learning allowed her to focus on the desserts and styles she wanted to learn, Modern French. Her roots and creativity allowed it to make the style her own. When the war broke out in Ukraine she decided to do everything she could to support her country and began a charity drive selling macaroons out of her house to raise funds for Ukraine. Within 2 months she raised close to $25,000, baking more than 5,000 macaroons in the process. The rest is history.

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